Students at Kennesaw State have a variety of parking options available including on-campus parking and off-campus park and rides lots. Students are required to make a parking selection at the beginning of each fall semester.


Kennesaw State employees have more than 1,200 parking spaces available to them campus wide. Employees may also take advantage of our off-campus park and ride lots at reduced rate. Most on-campus staff lots are located close to classroom buildings.


We welcome visitors, parents and alumni to our beautiful campus! Kennesaw State hosts a multitude of special events on campus from sports competitions to fine arts performances. We provide convenient visitor parking in our pay-to-park areas, as well as special allocated parking for special events.

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Kennesaw State University is the third-largest university in Georgia and continues to grow. Our parking facilitates can accommodate more than 12,000 vehicles, and we ensure there are sufficient, safe and secure parking and transportation services to support the needs of the KSU campus community.

Did you know?

  • Kennesaw State has 4 parking decks, the first were the East and West Decks, built in 2005. Next was the North Deck in 2007 and then the largest Deck, Central Deck, in 2008.
  • The Central Deck is the third largest free standing parking structure in Georgia!
  • Did you know that open parking begins at 6PM on weekdays?
  • Did you know every student must make a parking selection?
  • Did you know you can check out temporary parking credential’s if you forget yours?
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