All new faculty and staff members must obtain Faculty/Staff decals from the Card Services Center, located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center.

In order for the Card Services Center to be able to issue you a permit, you will need an employee identification card or a long term visitor request. You will also be asked to complete a vehicle registration form. This should be done the first day of operation on campus. The vehicle for which registration is sought must have a license plate on or in clear sight inside the vehicle and belong to the applicant or to a member of the applicant’s immediate family. Proof of ownership and/or a photo ID may be required at the time of registration. Vehicles without license plates and/or a Kennesaw State University registration permit will be towed or immobilized in order to identify the owner of the vehicle. The monthly parking fee of $23 will be deducted automatically from employee paychecks unless you have signed up for economy parking ($10 per month) or have opted out of parking (no fee). The fees will be split for bi-weekly pay.

Employment Types

Non-Benefited Employees (includes all temporary employees and regular employees working less than 20 hours per week)

  • Pay employee parking fees through payroll deduction
  • If enrolled in classes, pay student parking fees through enrollment; HR proactively matches student and employee records after drop/add and turns off payroll deductions for these employees for the current semester if enrolled in classes

Benefited Employees (full time, part time regular employees working greater than 20 hours per week)

  • Pay employee parking fees through payroll deduction
  • if enrolled in classes, must request student parking fee waiver ($130/semester) by applying at the Bursar’s Office located on the second floor of the Student Center to avoid paying student parking fees in addition to employee parking fees

Student Employees (student assistants or graduate research assistants)

  • Pay student parking fees through enrollment
  • Do not pay employee parking fees through payroll deductions while occupying a student assistant or GRA position
  • Will be categorized under (1) or (2) above if working in a non-student assistant classified position

Dual Status (Student Employees)
(Parking status is determined by the classification on your KSU ID)

Faculty/Staff Parking Areas

Faculty/staff parking areas are located as follows:

Surface Lots Parking Decks Street Parking
B East Marietta Drive
C Central Paulding Avenue
E West Bartow Avenue
Jolley Lodge Overflow
East Lot Economy
Church Lot Economy
Town Point Park & Ride
Town Center Mall Park & Ride

Campus parking is in “open parking” during nights and weekends, Monday–Thursday, 6:00 p.m. to 6:59 a.m. (the following morning), and Friday 6:00 p.m.–Monday, 6:59 a.m., as well as summer semesters and winter holiday break.

During open parking, Faculty and Staff may park in any legitimate parking space on campus with the exception of the following spaces:

  • Dedicated Spaces
  • Carpool Spaces
  • Service Vehicle Spaces
  • Police Vehicle Spaces
  • ADA Spaces
  • Fire Lanes
  • Resident Student Spaces

Faculty/Staff permit holders DO NOT have added credentials to park in a student space. Please park in designated faculty/staff spaces or you may be issued a citation from parking enforcement. If you would like to purchase a RESERVED PERMIT for a specific parking space, please contact us at 470.578.6506
As faculty/staff, the only time you may park in a student space is during open parking if you have reason to. (i.e. summer semester)

Use and Placement of Decals

All non-student decals are valid only for faculty/staff use. To avoid citations, the decal MUST be appropriately applied to the inside of the drivers side front window, logo and barcode facing out.

  • If your license plate number changes for any reason, you are required to notify Card Services with your new information.
  • The replacement fee for a lost decal is $25.00.
  • Economy parkers are required to display an Economy Parking decal only.

Temporary hangtags must be returned to Card Services or the Welcome Center after use or you will be charged $25.00 for no return.

We have ‘Friends of Kennesaw’ hangtags available for specific visitors such as: VIPs, donors, boosters, Special Guests, and Southern Polytechnic State University employees. The Guest Tag requester is responsible for returning the ‘Friends of Kennesaw’ tag(s) after use or be charged $25.00 per tag for no return.


Registered permit holders are responsible for all parking citations issued to vehicles displaying their hangtags. Individuals no longer affiliated with the University must return their hangtags and have all their outstanding parking fines paid when they process out.

All fines should be paid at the Bursar’s office.