Motorcycle Parking

Currently, motorcycles do not need a parking permit. However, motorcycle owners must register their vehicle information in Owl Express for safety and security purposes. Motorcycle parking is available on campus in areas marked for Motorcycle Parking Only. Motorcycle parking is available in several parking areas/lots around campus and marked by signs.

Spaces are available near the Student Center in Lot B and on Owl Drive on the Kennesaw Campus for motorcycles and scooters, and three locations on the Marietta Campus: P22, P30, and P38.

Motorcycles may also park in parking decks in the gore (striped corners) only. If you wish to park a motorcycle in a deck, carefully drive around the gate at the entrance to enter the deck. Park your motorcycle completely within the gore and clearly away from the regular parking spaces on either side of the gore.

Motorcycles without a decal MAY NOT park in any regular vehicle parking space. Parking in a regular parking space without the appropriate decal permit will result in a citation.


Page last updated on June 27th, 2016 at 3:45 pm