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Frequently asked Questions about True RFID & the new parking permit system


Answers for Students:

Question. What are the student parking permit fees for academic year 2013-2014?

Answer: Area parking pricing table below:

Decal Color Area Per Semester Fee
Red 1

  • West Parking
    • Lot A
    • West Deck
    • West Lot
    • Church Lot
  • Proximity to:
    • Willingham Hall
    • Social Sciences
    • Pilcher
    • English
    • Clendenin
    • Science and Math Buildings


Green 2

  • Central Parking
    • Central Deck
    • Lot D
    • Lot J
    • Cartersville Drive
  • Proximity to:
    • Prillaman Hall
    • Music & Visual Arts buldings
    • Wilson Annew
    • Kennesaw Hall


Yellow 3

  • East Parking
    • East Deck
    • East Lot
  • Proximity to:
    • Convocation Center
    • Student Recreation and Wellness Center


Purple 4

Orange 5

Blue 7

  • North Resident Parking
    • North Deck
    • KSU Place
  • Guaranteed if you live in:
    • University Village
    • Village Suites
    • KSU Place


Light Blue 8

  • South Resident Parking
    • University Place
  • Guaranteed if you live in:
    • University Place


Black 9

  • Apartment Shuttle
    • U-Club on Frey
    • U Pointe Kennesaw
    • West 22
    • The Collegiate



Resident or commuter students who do not bring a car to campus may opt-out of the elective portion of the parking permit fee.

Due to the parking conditions on the campus, those students that live in surrounding off-campus apartment communities may want to consider opting-out of the parking permit fee in favor of the apartment shuttle option.

For $20 per semester, the apartment shuttle option would permit students to leave their cars at their apartment communities and ride the B.O.B. shuttle to campus. These students would be allowed to bring their car to campus evenings and weekends and on any days when the campus is in “open parking”. During “open parking”, students may park in any available student parking area (students are not permitted to park in Faculty/Staff parking at any time).

Question. How do I pay for my parking tickets/citations?

Answer: Students may pay parking fines at the Bursar’s Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Center or through Owl Express. All parking fines should be paid at the Bursar’s Office for all faculty and staff.

Question. What are the hours of parking enforcement?

Answer: Current parking rules are enforced during periods when classes are in session and students are on campus. They are not enforced during semester breaks, school closings, or on weekends. Monday through Friday the rules are enforced from 7am – 6pm.

At all other times we are operating in “open parking” mode. You may park in any available space you have access to (some gates may be closed)

The following are not considered available for students during “open parking” mode:

  • Dedicated parking spaces (enforced all day, every day)
  • Service vehicle spaces
  • Loading/unloading spaces (unless you are loading/unloading heavy or large materials)
  • Handicapped spaces require valid state issued disability tags
  • Along red or yellow curbing (these are for emergency vehicles and other curb proximities such as a hydrant)
  • Faculty/Staff spaces

Question. Is security provided at the Town Center Mall lot?

Answer: Security is provided by a campus security officer during shuttle operating hours (7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday). All Security Officers have a marked security vehicle and radio contact with campus police and Cobb County Police. The lot is also patrolled by KSU Police, Cobb County Police, and mall security.

Question. Are there handicap spaces available at Town Center Mall?

Answer: Yes, handicap spaces are provided in accordance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.

Question. Are the shuttles handicap accessible?

Answer: Yes. The shuttles are equipped with a ramp and restraining harnesses for handicap accessibility.

Question. Why new shuttles and not a new parking deck?

Answer: A shuttle operation is a much more flexible option for the campus and enables the university to keep parking fees to a minimum. If enrollment should change, or anything changes with on-campus demand, we can amend or change shuttle routes and availability. A new parking deck requires a high increase in student mandatory fees to fund and would result in higher fees.

Question. Are vehicles parked at Town Center Mall or Town Point be subject to citations?

Answer: Yes. The spaces designated for commuter students are clearly marked and students who sign up to park off campus are given the appropriate decal. Warnings or tickets may be issued to students parked at Town Center or Town Point who are not compliant with display of the appropriate decal issued or who are parked in the wrong location.

Question. How many off-campus spaces are there available?

Answer: There are about 1,200 off-campus spaces.

Question. Who is eligible to ride the shuttle?

Answer: Anyone with a valid KSU ID card may ride the shuttles. Your ID must be verified by the card reader upon entry. This is to ensure that only current KSU students, faculty and staff are riding the shuttles, and to gather statistical data in order to continually improve the service.

Question. As a student or faculty/staff, can I ride shuttles at other colleges or universities?

Answer: Anyone may ride shuttles at both Georgia Tech and Georgia State. However, if you are a visitor or have a visitor or friend with you at Kennesaw State and would like to ride B.O.B., please show your corresponding student ID for your university to the B.O.B. driver as you enter the shuttle.

Question. What happens if I am signed up to park off campus but I need my car on campus one or two days during the semester?

Answer: Students who have signed up to park off campus are eligible to check out a temporary hangtag two times per semester at the Welcome Center. The temporary hangtag will allow access to all the commuter lots and decks on campus for one day. The hangtag should be displayed from the rearview mirror or placed on the dash to avoid a citation.

Question. How long is the wait for a shuttle?

Answer: We run headways between 5 and 15 minutes (some routes are longer). Example: Town Center Mall is farther away, the expected time between buses is around 15 minutes.

A free smartphone application is available for download that provides real-time shuttle location and arrival data. Go to the Where is B.O.B.? Shuttle Tracker page to download the app.

Question. What hours are the B.O.B. shuttles available?

Answer: The shuttle service operates Monday – Thursday, 7:00AM – 11:00PM and Friday, 7:00AM -5:00PM. Based on use and demand, the shuttle routes and hours are subject to change during the semester.

Question. Where are the shuttle stops located?

Answer: There are currently four routes for the shuttle:

  • Gold Route
    • Rec Center
    • The Commons
    • Campus Loop (10am-3pm)
    • Town Point
    • Chastain Pointe park & ride location
  • Blue Route
    • Rec Center
    • The Commons
    • Campus Loop
    • West 22
    • U-Club on Frey
  • Black Route
    • Rec Center
    • The Commons
    • The Collegiate
    • KSU Center
    • Town Center Mall park & ride location
  • Green Route
    • Rec Center
    • The Commons
    • U Pointe Kennesaw
    • The Perch
    • Walmart Supercenter (Tues, Wed, & Thurs, 10am-3pm)

Click here for a map of the current shuttle routes.

Question. What are the shuttle routes for the long term?

Answer: The shuttle routes are continually reviewed for ways to improve the service and meet the growing needs of the university. Each school semester, we analyze the needs of our students and look at future expansion of shuttle stops for convenience.

Question. What is the cost to ride the shuttle?

Answer: The shuttle system is not a fare based system, no fares are collected upon boarding the shuttle. There are off-campus parking options that are offered at reduced permit fees. These fees are used to off-set the costs of having shuttle service to/from campus and designated off-site stops. The off-site park and ride locations are essential in improving the on-campus parking conditions by reducing the number of vehicles on campus in need of a parking space.

Question. Where are the off-campus parking areas located?

Answer: There are currently two off-site park and ride locations:

  • Town Center at Cobb mall (just outside of the entrance to the food court at Town Center Mall)
  • Town Point Office Building (located across from the main entrance of the University on Chastain Rd.)

Question. What is the incentive to park off-campus?

Answer: By parking off campus, you save money with reduced permit fees and by using less gasoline. By avoiding on-campus congestion, you also help yourself by reducing stress.

Question. Who is eligible to park off-campus?

Answer: All commuter students are eligible to park off-campus by selecting one of the park and ride lot locations as their parking selection.
Faculty and staff also have the option to select one of the park and ride locations as their parking selection at reduced monthly parking fees.

Question. Do I need to renew my permit every year?

Answer: Parking permits are valid for one semester, and must be renewed at the beginning of every semester. Parking selections are made through Owl Express, and students make their parking selections when they are eligible to register for classes.

Question. How many parking spaces are available for students?

Answer: There are more than 12,000 parking spaces, with about 7,000 designated for commuter students.

Question. Where do I pick up my new parking decal?

Answer: You make your parking selection through Owl Express when you register for classes. Once your selection is confirmed as accepted, proceed to Card Services (located in the Student Center on the second floor) to pick up your decal.

Question. Can I opt out of parking entirely?

Answer: Students are able to opt-out of the parking permit fee by agreeing to not have a vehicle on campus. THIS OPTION MUST BE MADE IN PERSON AT CARD SERVICES. All students are still required to pay the $60 infrastructure fee associated with the parking fees. Faculty and staff may also opt-out of the parking permit fee by agreeing to not bring a vehicle to campus, or by carpooling/vanpooling.

Please click on the applicable link below for more information:

Student Parking Options and Fees

Faculty/Staff Parking Options and Fees

The most asked Questions from Faculty/Staff:

Question. How much does it cost for faculty/staff to park?

Answer: Please click on the applicable link below for parking options and fees.

Faculty/Staff Parking Options and Fees

Question. How many parking spaces are there for Faculty/Staff?

Answer: There are nearly 1,500 parking spaces available on campus for faculty/staff, and another 1,200 spaces available collectively at Town Point, Chastain Pointe and KSU Center. Faculty/staff also have the option to park at one of the off-site park and ride locations at reduced permit fees. There are currently 1,000 off-site park and ride spaces.

Question. Why don’t the Faculty/Staff have more parking spaces in the decks?

Answer: The vast majority of the cost of building the parking decks is paid for by student parking fees. While faculty/staff rates aren’t as high as student rates, they are now high enough to justify limited shared occupancy. The faculty/staff make up about 10% of the KSU population so we set the percentage of deck spaces available to faculty/staff at 10%.

Question. Where are the Faculty/Staff parking spaces in the decks?

Answer: Faculty/Staff parking space locations:
East Deck – entry level (bottom floor)
Central Deck – east side on entry level and on the lower level
West Deck – entry level (bottom floor)

The most asked Questions about True RFID and the new permit system

Question. Why is there a change from hang tag to decal?

Answer: Our new decal system will allow you to enter our gated lots and decks quickly and also reduce queue lines and related congestion during peak periods. This innovative technology allows faculty, staff, and students to drive up to their designated deck or lot and gain access without rolling down a window or swiping a card of any kind. Drivers simply pull up and the gate opens quickly and automatically upon scanning the decal.

Question. Does everyone on campus need a new decal?

Answer: Almost everyone on campus will require a new decal. However, students who have selected to park in areas 4, 5, and 8 will use their existing decal. Faculty and staff who park in the economy lots will also continue to use their existing decal. All other groups parking on campus will need to obtain a new decal.

Question. Where can I park with my new decal?

Answer: Students may park in the area they selected through Owl Express. The areas for students that require RFID decals are: West, Central, East, and North Resident (1, 2, 3, & 7, respectively). Faculty and Staff may park in any area where Faculty and Staff are authorized (Lots B, C, E, Z, Jolley Lodge Overflow, East, Central, and West decks)

Question. When & where can I pick up my new decal?

Answer: Decals will be available starting August 11 in the Card Services Office (second floor of the Student Center).

Question. When is the deadline to pick up the new decals?

Answer: All decals must be picked up by close of business on August 29. The gates will be fully operational by Tuesday, September 2. The previous hangtag technology will no longer work after August 29.

Question. How do the decals work?

Answer: Technology inside the decal is recognized by a reader mounted on an 8 foot pole near the gate. When the reader scans the decal programmed for that lot or deck, the gate will open automatically.

Question. Where does the new decal go?

Answer: The new decals must be placed on the driver’s side lower front windshield.

The decal must be adhered to the glass for RFID functionality.

Question. Is the RFID scan harmful to me or my vehicle?

Answer: No. The scan is radio frequency and perfectly safe.

Question. What should I do if the gate doesn’t open?

Answer: First, check to see if you are in the correct area (your decal color and number will match the parking area you’ve selected). Second, push the call button to inform Parking and Transportation of the issue and to gain access to the lot or deck. Third, please write down your decal number and go to the Card Services Office to identify and correct the problem. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR DECAL.

Question. What if I drive more than one car to campus?

Answer: The decals are not transferable, therefore cannot be moved from car to car. You may purchase up to two additional decals at $25 each at the Card Services Office. Each decal purchased must be associated with a vehicle to be validated in the system.

Question. Can I park more than one of my registered vehicles on campus on the same day?

Answer: No. The technology will only allow one vehicle per person to be parked on campus on the same day.

Question. What if I obtain a new vehicle?

Answer: If you obtain a new vehicle you will also need a new decal. First, update your vehicle information in KSU Connect or Owl Express. Next, bring your old decal to Card Services for deactivation and to receive a new decal at no charge. You must have your old decal to receive the replacement at no charge

Question. What if I wreck my vehicle?

Answer: A temporary hangtag may still be checked-out from the Welcome Center, located at the entrance to the Visitor’s Lot. Temporary hangtags may be checked out for up to 5 days to accommodate campus parking while your vehicle is being repaired

Question. Will I need to return my old hangtag?

Answer: No, please discard it. It will not allow you to park in any gated or non-gated area.