Registration & Permits
ALL students must register their vehicle and obtain and display a valid parking permit within five days after the start of the semester to avoid a citation.

KSU parking permit decals are required to be applied on the inside of the front drivers side window at all times while parked on the KSU campus unless parked in a visitor parking area.

Parking selection is made through Owl Express. Parking permits are distributed by Card Services, located on the second floor of the Carmichael Student Center. Students must be registered for at least one (1) on-campus credit hour in order to be eligible to select a parking area.

Designated Parking Areas

Students are permitted to park in student designated parking spots only within their chosen parking area. Residential students are permitted to park in their assigned resident parking areas only and are not permitted to park in areas designated for commuter students except during open parking hours. All student decals are color-coded to correspond with color-coded parking areas. Students may park in any parking area whose color designation corresponds with the color of their decal.

Students are not permitted to park in reserved parking areas, which include, but are not limited to, spaces reserved for faculty and staff, North and Central Deck visitors, loading zones, service vehicles, or disabled parking. Students holding a valid temporary or permanent handicap permit may park in handicapped reserved spaces. Students requiring assistance with handicap parking may contact Disabled Student Support Services (DSSS) at 470-578-6443.


Loading zones are reserved for University vehicles and other authorized vehicles on official business. Drivers of private vehicles may use loading zones for a maximum of 30 minutes during actual loading and unloading of heavy or bulky materials. Vehicles must be moved to a legal parking space immediately after loading/unloading.

Temporary Permits

Temporary authorization to park on the KSU campus must be obtained from the Welcome Center located in the Visitor’s Lot on the south end of the Carmichael Student Center.

Reserved Parking

Reserved parking areas include, but are not limited to, Faculty/Staff Reserved spaces, Faculty/Staff reserved lots, loading zones, disabled, North and Central Deck visitor spaces, and all other areas marked “RESERVED” for specific persons or functions. Students are NOT permitted to park in any reserved parking spaces or areas at anytime.

Extended Parking

If it is necessary to park a vehicle on campus for an extended period of time due to travel specifically related to a student’s association with KSU, please contact Parking & Transportation at 470.578.6506 or at, and provide the following:

  • Vehicle make and color;
  • License plate number;
  • Duration of absence;
  • Location where the vehicle will be parked (vehicle may need to be parked in a specific area designated by Parking Operations); and
  • KSU related purpose for absence.
Open Parking

Daily Open Parking hours begin at 6:00PM each evening Monday through Thursday and end at 6:59AM the following morning. Weekend Open Parking hours begin Friday at 6:00PM and end Monday morning at 6:59AM. Students may park in any available student parking space in any area on campus during open parking hours with the exception of the following:

  • Dedicated Spaces
  • Carpool Spaces
  • Service Vehicle Spaces
  • Police Vehicle Spaces
  • Faculty/Staff Spaces
  • ADA Spaces
  • Fire Lanes
  • Resident Student Spaces
Dual Status (Student Employees)

(Parking status is determined by the classification on your KSU ID)

Non-Benefited Employees (includes all temporary employees and regular employees working less than 30 hours per week)

  • Pay employee parking fees through payroll deduction
  • If enrolled in classes, pay student parking fees through enrollment; HR proactively matches student and employee records after drop/add and turns off payroll deductions for these employees for the current semester if enrolled in classes

Benefited Employees (full time, part time regular employees working greater than 30 hours per week)

  • Pay employee parking fees through payroll deduction
  • If enrolled in classes for the summer semester, must request student parking fee waiver ($83) by sending an email to to avoid paying student parking fees in addition to employee parking fees. This applies to summer only; in fall and spring, the parking charge will not assess.

Student Employees (student assistants or graduate research assistants)

  • Pay student parking fees through enrollment
  • Do not pay employee parking fees through payroll deductions while occupying a student assistant or GRA position
  • Will be categorized under (1) or (2) above if working in a non-student assistant classified position